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Verity Pictures Limited - Company registered in England number 7245644

Jo-Ann Titmarsh, CINEVUE

Freda Cooper, BRITFLICKS

Helen Earnshaw, Female First


A great central performance amidst a beautiful landscape mark both Barbe-Wilson and Crowe as ones to watch

Nick Wheatley, Screenjabber

Barbe-Wilson is superb... a sympathetic teenage lead character, a great accomplishment as a director

Chris Binding, Courier Online

A deeply poignant, strange and affecting cinematic experience

A strong story shot with real visual flair

David Gritten, the Daily Telegraph

Derek Malcolm, Evening Standard

A visually accomplished debut; unusual and intriguing

Stunningly but unsentimentally evoked…a thoughtful script and sensitive direction…an urgent story, told simply and lyrically

Sophie Mayer, flm critic the F Word

Poetically shot and beautifully acted

SF Said, film critic and author

Tim Robey, the Daily Telegraph

A compelling debut which executes a delicate yet powerful sense of cultural awareness

Leah Cross, littlewhitelies

Hollywood News, Luke Ryan Baldock

A little cinematic British gem

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What is the source of our first suffering? It lies in the fact that we hesitated to speak...It was born in the moment when we accumulated silent things within us

Gaston Bachelard, An Open Letter

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